About Me

Hi! I’m Leticia –  mum, teacher, wife and a lover of essential oils and natural health solutions. As a mother of 4 and a teacher of 12 years my love of learning and education has filtered into all areas of my life. When my daughter was born in 2007 (my 3rd child) and we discovered after some time that she had a range of auto immune issues and behavioural challenges my quest began to find an answer – a way to help her (and us).
I became obsessed researching and studying different healing modalities, natural therapies, anything that may give her some relief. Our biggest challenge was her skin- her eczema became so severe that it had spread to most of her body and it was stopping her participating fully in life – with this also came the anxiety.
We tried all avenues, it wasn’t until we adopted a very strict gut cleansing protocol and eliminated all foods that were triggering her outbreaks that we started to see some changes, however we still couldn’t find anything that she could apply topically that wouldn’t irritate her skin.
It was at this point that I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils, I was hesitant as I had tried essential oils before and hadn’t had much success (little did I know purity played an important role in that). So I did what I do best – researched, read about it, asked around and finally decided to try them out.
Finally I had found something I could apply  to her skin to ease the itch and soothe the sores and support the healing process. We haven’t looked backed.
We now use doTERRA oils and products for just about everything in our home, from supporting our health needs to helping us deal with our emotions better. I use them for all my cleaning needs and most of our bathroom and toiletries have also been replaced with them.
These oils are amazing, there’s no doubt about it, however they aren’t a cure for anything, they are powerful support tool for our bodies to heal itself.
Finding balance and a blend of what works well for you and your family is so important and it’s going to look different in every home. We all do the best we can with the information we have at any given time. If you want to see if these oils can help you and your family send me a message xx