I have a confession… I may have more empty oil bottles than I wish to admit! I may very well have a serious problem 😬😳 Yep!! I’m an oil addict!!
In my defence I do use them ever day, I have at least 2 diffusers going daily ( one upstairs and one downstairs). I use them at work, in my cooking, for cleaning, in my face serum and moisturiser, I’m constantly making personalised blends, sprays and giving out samples. Plus running workshops and classes where we make awesome products.

So technically it’s not my fault and not something  can control…

So this is what I do with my empties because it’s important we reuse and recycle whenever possible!

🌿Fill with coconut oil and make a roller for the kids (or me) – sometimes I might add some extra drops of oil.
🌸Top with water to make a room spray – monster sprays and sleep sprays are popular here!
🌿Fill with magnesium flakes or Epsom salts and let it soak up the remaining oil and use in the bath or as a foot soak

( You can buy the spray lids and roller tops to fit the bottles from diffusional Aromatherapy supplies or heaps of other places online)

I’m yet to get creative and do the light decorations but who knows? Maybe This Christmas! 😆🎄 🏮




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